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With new apps turning up in every industry in the Google Play and Apple Store, you need a trustworthy app marketing partner to engage your customers. We use brand-safe media solutions to expand your mobile presence and also ensure maximum visibility to your mobile user audiences in the targeted regions.

Mobile App distribution marketing is a strategy where clients can reach their customers and offer them the app to use and get familiar with, and penetrate the market with good reviews about that particular app. There are channels of distribution which facilitate the availability of the app from clients to consumers. There are a variety of platforms/channels that make apps available for consumers to use. Some of them are:

Huawei App Gallery: Popular amongst the gamers, this distribution channel works best on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Games such as Fortnite and PUBG were available on this distribution channel with the ultimate gaming experience of 60fps.

Amazon App Store: It is a brilliant alternative to the Play Store for downloading apps as it is considered to be one of the successful and worthy platforms among a few.

Samsung Galaxy Store: The play store and Samsung Galaxy Store are functioning as a single unit and still is one of the leading app stores in the world.

Apple Play Store: One of the most recognized app distribution channels is the Apple Play Store, which works across all Apple devices just like Samsung.

Better connectivity to the customers- With the mobile app distribution marketing strategy, the clients can connect with their customers. Customers are happy when the content of an app is relevant to them, and it boosts the customer’s confidence and trust in the client’s brand.

Increased chance of loyalty- If your customer gets used to the client’s app, it becomes easy to promote other products too as the client’s brand has earned loyalty.

Growing your audience- Look around and count the number of people on their phones, surfing through apps and purchasing from their favourite online stores. All of us are glued to our phones which gives the clients a fair chance to reach their target audience in a smaller time frame. Clients can give users specific features based on time-zones, locations etc.

Increased Brand Awareness- Many of us blindly follow what others do, which may just be the kind of advantage that the clients are looking for. If a group of people like the client’s app, chances are that other people surrounding that group will also be aware of the said brand.

IDT Marketing takes pride in having a full suite of app distribution services intended to expand our client’s mobile presence while ensuring maximum visibility to our client’s mobile user audiences in targeted regions. We use a pay for performance model for acquiring new customers, alongside focusing on delivering results in terms of the plethora of downloads of client’s app.

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